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Record flooding in 1955 and 1964, which destroyed or damaged large amounts of habitat along the Eel and its tributaries, was generally regarded as the final blow. The monument has not been demolished, but is instead now regarded as representing the struggle against both periods of foreign rule. If your property is old and the connection serves a number of properties it is possible that the connection is subject to a Section 24 agreement under the Public Health Act 1936, making it public. To get more information regarding drain legislation, multiple drains, blocked drains, health & safety, drain design, drain maintenance and drain installation, check out the dedicated Wikipedia page HERE. As well as in addition to the capability to rapidly chart the actual drain or even sewer, it features a storage with regard to documenting the information. We can help with your Sewer and Stormwater drain clearing and offer CCTV Pipe Camera inspections if needed. But if you’ve paid out for one of these products and have not gained the results you need; it may be time to ask for help. J and P are specialist drainage engineers who can help you with your drainage maintenance and problems. Some algal blooms are caused by cyanobacteria that make shellfish that filter feed on them toxic, harming animals like sea otters.

Oil is dangerous for marine animals. The marine environment has self-cleansing properties and naturally occurring bacteria will act over time to remove oil from the sea. The heavy metals of greatest concern are copper, lead, mercury, cadmium and zinc which may be bio-accumulated by marine organisms and are passed up the food chain. There are several reasons blocked drains happen such as grease build-up, hair, toilet paper, and sometimes tree root invasions to name a few. Always provide a bin in the toilet for these items to be disposed of. Dispose of food residue or soap in the garbage bin. The dumping of waste (including oil, noxious liquids, sewage and garbage) at sea is governed by international law. According to this definition, the Caspian would be excluded as it is legally an “international lake”. This definition accepts the Caspian as a sea because it was once part of an ancient ocean. Swenson, Herbert. “Why is the ocean salty?”.

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